About us

Since 1997 Marron Jachtbouw specialises in the building of yachts. The company began by the unique cooperation of two brothers -Marco and Ron- and by combining those two names the name Marron came about. Moreover, in French marron means ‘brown’ and that is also the colour of ‘teak’, our most popular product.
First we focussed on building sloops and also on various interiors, but gradually we switched over to producing prefab teak decks. The major advantage of the way we work is the production time. Because of this there is less delay on board, which eventually results in lower costs of production and a faster construction time. As we do not use any foundation, there is a considerable loss in weight. About 2.5 kgs/m2 in relation to systems with foundation.

Since two years Marron Jachtbouw has been the owner and founder of the brand Eco-Deck. We have developed the Eco-Deck system together with Herculan, who is the supplier of the raw materials. So we have created an excellent addition to the growing need for artificial teak in various locations like luxury yachts and cruise ships.
Our team has built up ample experience in making/installing teak decks. This quality is of major importance in the making of and installing of artificial flooring systems, like the Eco-Deck. Thanks to our new production hall we can supply any demand for the next 15 years!